​IGORR : International Group on Research Reactors

The conference organized by the International Group Operating Research Reactors (IGORR) will take place from 1st to 4th september 2020 in Kazan, RUSSIA.

Information details will be available soon.


The IGGOR 19th was organised by RRFM (​European Research Reactor Conference) and IGORR (International Group Operating Research Reactors)

It was held from in JORDAN from 24th to 28th march 2019.

For more information, see the RRFM/IGORR 2019 Conference Website.




The  IGGOR 18 th 
was organised by ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)

and was combined with an IAEA technical meeting. 
It took place from 3th to 7th december 2017 in Sydney, Autralia.


Dr Gilles BIGNAN
IGORR Chairman


See proceedings and presentations


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IGORR Steering Commitee Members List

AUSTRALIA : Mark Summerfield (ANSTO)

AUSTRIA : Ram Sharma (IAEA)

ARGENTINA : Herman Blaumann (CNEA) - Nestor Di Lorenzo (INVAP)

BELGIUM : Steven Van Dyck (SCK.CEN)

CANADA : Christopher Haysel (McMaster University)

CHINA : KE Guoto (CIAE) - Xinxin Lu (INET)

FRANCE : Gilles Bignan (CEA) - Claude Pascal (AREVA-TA)

GERMANY : Heiko Gerstenberg (TUM)

JAPAN : Masami Kinase (JAEA)

JORDAN : Khalifeh Abu-Saleem  (JAEC)

RUSSIA : Alexander Tuzov (ROSATOM-RIAR)

SOUTH KOREA : Hoan-Sung Jung (KAERI)

USA : John Bumgardner (INL) - Tim Powers (ORNL) - Robert Williams (NIST) - Lin-wen Hu (MIT) - Ayman Hawari (NCSU)