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NEWS : The Next IGORR Conference

The next IGORR Conference (IGORR 18th)  will be organised by ANSTO and will be combined with an IAEA technical meeting.  It will take place from 3th to 7th december 2017 in Sydney, Autralia.

The conference website is now operational :

Please go to : http://www.ansto.gov.au/Events/IGORR17/index.htm

For contact please use the following email : igorr2017@ansto.gov.au

Thanks for sending your abstracts through this link (deadline for abstract submission : 21th July 2017)

Looking forward to see you in Sydney.

Dr Gilles BIGNAN
IGORR Chairman


The last IGORR Conference (IGORR 17th) has been combined with RRFM  in March 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

See proceedings

Operating mode selected

"IGORR will continue to seek interaction with other organizations representing research reactor operators and users, including university reactors, the IAEA, and the European research reactor community".
Meetings would be held about every 18 months. They rotate usually through the Americans, European and Asia locations.

Charter of IGORR (international Group on Research Reactors)

"many organizations, in several countries, are planning or implementing new or upgraded research reactor projects, but there has been no organized forum devoted entirely to discussion and exchange of information in this field".

The International Group on Research Reactors (IGORR) was formed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience among those institutions and individuals who are actively working to design, build and promote new research reactors or to make significant upgrades to existing facilities. (Proceedings of the first meeting, 03/1990).


  IGORR Steering Committee Members List

Mark Summerfield (ANSTO)

Danas Ridikas (IAEA)

Herman Blaumann (CNEA)
Nestor Di Lorenzo (INVAP)

Steven Van Dyck (SCK.CEN)

Christopher Haysel (McMaster University)

Ke Guotu (CIAE)
Xinxin Lu (INET)

Gilles Bignan (CEA)
Claude Pascal (AREVA-TA)

Heiko Gerstenberg (TUM)

Takeshi Maruo (JAEA)

Hoan-Sung Jung (KAERI)

John Bumgardner (INL)
Tim Powers (CRNL)
Robert Williams (NIST)
Lin-Wen HU (MIT)
Hayman Hawari (NCSU)

Last steering committee meeting minutes
IGORR: The First Twenty-Five Years - Douglas Selby and Kathy Rosenbalm

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